Reasons to Give Flowers this Valentine

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us once again. For many of us it’s that one very special day when we get to tell our other half just how much they mean to us.

For some of us however, its one of the stressful times of the year when we want to buy the perfect gift and don’t want to disappoint!

When you send flowers, you are sending a timeless gift that perfectly expresses how you feel.

If you would like to know why we recommend flowers for Valentine’s Day above all else, then keep reading.

Reason 1 – Flowers never go out of style. It doesn’t matter if its a fresh relationship, or a 50 year marriage, flowers are universal and are just as good a present for the early honeymoon days until the golden years spent together.

Reason 2 – Flowers just SAY love. Universally Red Roses are a symbol of love and adoration. They make it easy for you to express your sentiments without you even having to try!

Reason 3 – Flowers can be enjoyed when you’re not even there. Unlike a big box of chocolate which will get eaten in a few days. Flowers can sit out on display to remind your love how much you care of them every day – did we mention we have a 7 day freshness guarantee?

Reason 4 – The smell of flowers is very relaxing and soothing. Not only are you buying a beautiful bouquet of blooms to look at, you also get the bonus of the lovely scent of flowers to fill the room up. Each different flower type, wether it be roses, freesia, lilies – even sunflowers have their own unique scent and energy about them.

Reason 5 – Universal displays of love. What do we mean by this? Well flowers can be sent to friends and family. They aren’t just for romantic gestures, sometimes ‘just because’ is the only reason you need.


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